Encouraging Healthy Habits to Lower Your Employee Turnover Rate

Keeping employees happy and healthy should be one of the main priorities of all companies, because losing them can cost the company a fortune.

According to Melany Gallant, a certified human capital strategist, the cost of replacing any employee ranges from 30% to 400% of their annual salary, when you factor in the time and money it takes to train their replacement–or, in some cases, replacements. The average cost of replacement, though, lies right around 150% of the employee’s previous annual salary. Employee retention is, therefore, one of the best ways to save the company money.

Whether your company struggles to retain employees, or it is simply looking for a way to make employees happier and more motivated, here are the two most important aspects to consider:

1. Balance

Cultivating a healthy work-life balance has always been important to us, here at Isolator Fitness, a company dedicated to helping all people feel empowered to reach their health and fitness goals and live the life they want. One of the reasons our employees came to us initially is they value what the company stands for. Therefore, it has been essential that we help them stay true to these values; otherwise, it would be hypocritical. Furthermore, it has been our experience that if our employees can achieve a healthy work-life balance, they are not only happier, but also substantially harder workers.

2. Morale

No matter how you look at it, increased employee morale is beneficial to everyone on the team. Attitudes are contagious, which can either be immensely beneficial to your company or dangerously unfavorable.

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David Vollmer Jr is the owner/CEO of Isolator Fitness Inc, which now includes the Isolator Cuff Edition, 7 meal-prep bags and Isopasta.

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