Goodbye Summer Party Essentials

Goodbye Summer Party Essentials

Many people consider Labor Day to be the end of summer, but technically summer doesn’t end until September 21st, so give the season a proper send-off with a Goodbye Summer party! Keep it classy and fun.

Below are five essentials for making sure your last summer jam with your friends is a great one.

On Ice
Nothing says summer like a full pitcher of sangria, so make sure to have lots on hand along with other chilled summer favorites like frozen margaritas and white wine. For the sangria, think outside of the expected and try something like this Sparkling Pear Sangria recipe from B. Smith.

Ode to Summer Playlist
Since this is the last party of the summer, make sure to play all of the summer jams. Don’t just play this year’s hits, take it back to your college and high school days with all the feel-good music that brings back fond summer memories. Your guests will appreciate it.

Forget about regular old ice cream. Pump up your summer dessert a notch by offering sorbet in various flavors. Add even more flare by using hollowed out frozen fruit instead of traditional bowls. Peach sorbet in a hollowed out frozen peach? Genius.

Picky Eater Friendly
These days you never know who is a vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, on a juice cleanse or what have you. Prepare for it all by having a bit of everything. It’s actually not that difficult. Have at least two different meats for your meat eaters, maybe a seafood dish or two for your pescetarians, some cheeses and lots of fruits and veggies. Everybody loves fruits and veggies, plus they make great finger foods. No fuss.

Technically, you can’t provide sunshine, but you can at least  have your party in a place where it shines well. If at all possible, have your Goodbye Summer Party outdoors. There’s no better way to celebrate summer than to soak up some rays. If you do go with outdoors, a miniature bottle of sunblock could be a nice and practical giveaway for your guests.

How do you plan on closing out your summer?