Enjoy Half a Dozen Wine Bottles Customized to Your Liking

Enjoy Half a Dozen Wine Bottles Customized to Your Liking

(Image via Bright Cellars)

The days of picking up a random bottle of wine up at the store and hoping for the best are over. Your palette will thank you for pairing your wine with a meal that actually compliments it, and that starts with Bright Cellars. 

It just takes a simple 30-second quiz on some of your flavor go-to’s and lifestyle habits, and you’ll be paired with six bottles of wine that are carefully curated just for your tastebuds. Better yet, these bottles are delivered straight to your doorstep so you can savor every sip in peace and without leaving the house.

If you’re not new to the wine game (or even if you are) and want to have some control over your selection, you have the option of deciding just how many reds and whites you get.

Inside each box, you’ll find the half dozen bottles packed horizontally with TLC and an education card that’ll kickstart your journey into the world of wine. With information on each wine’s region, tasting notes, serving temperatures, and the best food pairings, you’ll know exactly how to enjoy each bottle to the fullest.

Experienced vino lovers are nearly guaranteed to discover something they’ve never tried in every box. Drink like the Spanish, Portuguese, Australians, and South Africans with wines imported from around the world. The possibilities for adventure are simply endless.

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As you go along, you can rate each wine both on the education card included and on the Bright Cellars website. The more you make note of what you do or don’t enjoy, the better your future matches will be. Bright Cellars uses that information (along with their algorithm and in-house sommeliers) to craft more personalized boxes.

The pattern that emerges in your flavor profile is something you can use beyond your Bright Cellars experience, too. Take what you’ve learned about the style of wine you like and use that education to order by the glass or bottle when you’re hitting up happy hour or date night dinner. You’ll be way more likely to actually enjoy what comes to your table.

While Bright Cellars tries to get it right every time, if there’s any wine that doesn’t do it for you, they’ll include an extra bottle in your next box. It’s a win-win no matter what. And if you’re all wined out, you can put your subscription on pause until you make it through your current stash.

The team behind Bright Cellars is on a mission to democratize wine. It’s not designed for experts—just the everyday person who wants to show off their charcuterie board skills and pair it with wine that makes sense. Plus, indulging in wine in moderation leads to a healthier heart and protects against some forms of cancer. Who are we to argue with science?

Get your drink on and learn why you like what you like with 50% off your first 6-bottle box of Bright Cellars.

Prices subject to change. Program open to all the states excluding Alaska, Hawaii, part of Kentucky, Mississippi, Delaware, and Utah due to liquor regulations.