Ensure Positive Mental Health With These Seven Products

Ensure Positive Mental Health With These Seven Products


Over the past two years, there’s been a growing awareness on mental health and mindfulness. As a result, visits to therapy sessions have increased, software companies have launched app-based programs aimed at ensuring positive mental health.

With such an increase in awareness, the availability of home-based mental health programs has made it easier than before to take the necessary steps to promote and maintain a healthy mental state.

The following handful of programs, some of which are free, are great ways to promote mindfulness on a daily basis. As a bonus, for every purchase from our Back to Education collection, a portion of proceeds will be donated to students or kids in need, and you’ll get to vote on where the money goes!

A calming force

When dealing with anxiety, there’s a persistent threat that a panic attack can strike at any time on any given day. The Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App helps you overcome those situations through therapist-approved exercises and on-demand accessibility. There’s also a panic button along with journaling and deep-breathing tools to help. Featured in Cosmopolitan, CNET and Bustle, this mental-health app is rated 5 stars by users.

Buy Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription for $59.99 (reg. $299.99).

A clear focus and future

One of the best ways to ensure good mental health is by having clear-cut long-term and short-term goals. This free personal goals bundle is chock full of ways to chart your future. It includes courses on time management, better reading, achieving your dreams, and more. Each of the five courses takes an hour to complete, so you don’t have to worry about it consuming too much of your time.

Get The Personal Goals Freebie Bundle (reg. $995).

Become better with your time

With only so many hours available in each day, it’s paramount to make the most of the hours available to you. You can do so with proper time management. This free one-hour mini course is master class in time management and productivity. Learn how to use seven specific steps to increase productivity, understand the power of the 80/20 rule, learn how to avoid the biggest time management traps, among other helpful tips. Users have rated this course 4.4 stars.

Get A Mini Course on Time Management (reg. $200).

A password vault

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming ventures is having to remember the many passwords used for your personal accounts. With Enpass Password Manager, you’ll never have to remember them again. This time-saving software organizes and securely saves your passwords all in one place. Your Enpass data isn’t saved on the company’s servers, but rather on your encrypted cloud account. Enpass also sends out alerts about website breaches, allowing you to stay on top of your security. More than 100 users have rated this product 5 stars.

Buy Enpass Password Manager Individual Plan: Lifetime Subscription for $29.99 (reg. $79.99).


One of the best ways to meet your goals is to look at them daily. Agenda Premium 14 allows you to do just that with a new twist on the traditional notebook. This notes-based app is made for handheld devices, and it can be connected to events in your calendar. Complete with a search function, a project jump bar and a related notes list, you can also add attachments and files to your notes. Users have rated this app 4.7 stars.

Get Agenda Premium 14: Date-Focused Note-Taking for $9.99 (reg. $34.99).

Space saver

With so much our information saved to our computers and mobile devices, there’s no such thing as too much space. Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage is the ideal platform that allows you to keep all your important files securely in one space. This plan comes with 2TBs of storage and zero-knowledge encryption. It can be accessed on web browsers on via iOS 10.0 or later or Android 4.1 or later platforms. Nearly 30 users have rated Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage 4.5 stars.

Buy Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription for $49 (reg. $790).

Practice mindfulness

There are few things better than self-care. Ensure that yours is in a good place with Mindfulness.com. This app-based program comes with 2,000 mindful practices, including hundreds of sleep tools, meditations, and expert guidance for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. More than one million users have benefitted from Mindfulness’ interactive app.

Buy Mindfulness.com Plus Plan: Lifetime Subscription for $69.99 (reg. $399.99).

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