Entrepreneur Launches Black-Owned Recruiting Platform to Help Minority Software Engineers Land Tech Jobs

Entrepreneur Launches Black-Owned Recruiting Platform to Help Minority Software Engineers Land Tech Jobs

Meet Geno Miller, the 27-year-old serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Shtudy, a developer-focused career platform that is leading the charge for diversity in tech by connecting 10,000 pre-vetted software engineers with job opportunities at companies that prioritize employee happiness and inclusion.

Founded in 2020, they have raised $250,000 from social impact investors like Camelback Ventures, and continue to help dozens of diversity, equity, and inclusion-focused companies achieve their technical hiring goals by matching them with pre-vetted software developers, engineers, data scientists, and IT professionals based on desired tech stack, salary, and cultural preferences. They are now raising a $3 million seed round, and are on a mission to help 10,000 minority software developers land tech jobs.

Shtudy is free for all candidates. Job seekers gain access to career resources, self-paced online interview training, and a personal career advisor to help them best position themselves to attract more job offers.

“On Shtudy, employers apply to interview the candidates instead of the other way around,” says Geno Miller,

“Candidates and companies seem to love our model. We carefully screen every potential employer before bringing them on as a customer. This cuts time spent on recruiting by more than 50 hours per role on interviewing.”

More than 10,000 pre-vetted software developers across 100 plus coding languages are already in Shtudy’s proprietary talent database. About one percent of applicants successfully complete their screening process.

“Technical recruiters and hiring managers have harder jobs nowadays than ever before. They are held accountable for both the quality and diversity of the hires they make, but don’t know how to achieve both consistently,” says Geno.

Geno adds, “Nowadays, software developers want careers they can grow to love and enjoy, but don’t know what company would give them the best employee experience until it’s too late. Simultaneously, there are millions of organizations with remarkable work environments that would love to hire them but are having a hard time competing against tech giants for the top developers. Unfortunately, as a result, great companies and talented engineers miss out on each other. This is why our company was launched.”

Recently, Shtudy has partnered with 50 plus organizations to launch an online technical interview training curriculum for software engineering professionals in the Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Washington D.C. areas, alongside other counties near Geno’s hometown.

“The average tech employee’s salary is more than the median household income of a Black family and a Latino family combined. The more people of color we help get tech jobs, the more impact we have on the lives of them and their families for generations,” he says.

For more information on how to hire Shtudy developers or how to join Shtudy’s talent network, visit Shtudy.co.

Also, be sure to connect with the Shtudy team on Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you are interested in investing, contact geno@shtudy.co.

This article first appeared on Blacknews.com.