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Black Entrepreneur Known For Trucking Company Sells Out 2023 Conference For Women Entrepreneurs

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Kristi Jackson-Muhammad, who once went viral for her success as one of the first Black female owners of a trucking company, is also the visionary behind the 25th Annual Global Power Tour Conference for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs, which has officially sold out. The stage is set, the excitement is palpable, and anticipation is soaring for this event in Houston, Texas. From November 8th to 12th, Houston will play host to the most prestigious and exclusive gathering of forward-thinking women in business from around the globe.

With an exclusive group of 100, this event has garnered attention worldwide for its unmatched dedication to empowering and advancing the opportunities, skills, and aspirations of women entrepreneurs. The conference stands as the pinnacle gathering for women who seek to make a mark in the business world, providing an invaluable and unique platform for networking, mentorship, and professional development for current and aspiring coaches.

“Year after year, the Global Power Tour Conference serves as the beacon for current and aspiring female coaches, providing them with the tools, insights, and connections necessary to excel in the competitive business landscape,” said Kristi.

Renowned for its captivating keynote speakers, illuminating workshops, and unparalleled networking opportunities, the conference is a treasure trove of wisdom and innovation. Attendees can expect an agenda filled with sessions designed to unlock their potential, whether they’re seasoned entrepreneurs or budding businesswomen eager to take their initial steps.

“This event transcends boundaries, offering a dynamic platform for women in business to exchange ideas, gain practical skills, and be inspired by some of the brightest minds in the industry,” added Jackson-Muhammad.

This landmark event has not only sparked enthusiasm amongst attendees but has generated buzz within the realms of women in business, business coaching for women, and beyond. The conference’s success is a testament to the growing influence and impact of women in the global business landscape.

For more information about the 25th Annual Global Power Tour Conference for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs, please visit Stay tuned for post-event coverage, exclusive insights, and highlights from this unparalleled gathering of influential women in business.

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