These Entrepreneurs Turned the Impossible Into 'I’m Possible' - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

We’re recognizing three entrepreneurs who are not only influential in the small business community, but they all overcame really tough odds to work up the courage to launch their own business ventures.

As part of a joint campaign between Black Enterprise and Hiscox—a company specializing in small business insurance—these entrepreneurs share their stories of how they each overcame “their impossible,” in the videos below:



Ash Cash, Wealth Coach:




Ramon Ray, Entrepreneur & Global Speaker; Founder, Smart Hustle Magazine: 




Avery Watson, Public Relations Expert; Founder, Multi-Artistry Entertainment Group:



Samara Lynn

Samara Lynn is a technology journalist, covering the industry for a decade. Her work appears in The Wirecutter, Tom's Hardware, PC Mag, and other online outlets. She's the author of "Windows Server 2012: Up and Running" and previously worked in the IT industry. She's currently the digital manager at Black Enterprise.