Epic Records’ Astro on Continuing Education & Pursuing Acting

Epic Records’ Astro on Continuing Education & Pursuing Acting

Brian Bradley, who fans of Simon Cowell‘s X-Factor know as Astro, understands the high cost of success. Following his appearance on the televised talent show, the 15-year-old Brooklynite has become a household name and has had to adjust to his overnight celebrity. Recently signing a recording contract with Epic Records under the tutelage of music industry veteran L.A. Reid, Astro is sure to remain in the spotlight as his debut album is scheduled for release later this year. While his career path seems set, the BE Nexter understands the importance of not getting blinded by the allure of fame to spite his education. “Education is first, so I’m definitely going to finish high school,” says Astro, who currently takes online classes. “As far as college, I’m definitely going to go I’m just not sure when. It depends on where I’m at musically but I’m definitely going to go to college.”

While Astro is unsure of what he’ll major in once he reaches college age (“I like art, photography, writing…”), he already has a potential backup career lined up. This past February, Astro made his acting debut on the CBS drama Person of Interest, which stars Jim Caviezel and Taraji P. Henson. The opportunity came as a result of the exposure from X-Factor. “Basically as soon as I got off X-Factor agents were contacting my parents and they told me I should come read for this episode of Person of Interest,” recalls Astro, who plays a boy seeking revenge after his brother is murdered. “They called me back twice and I got the part of this kid named Darren. It was a good experience for all my friends and family to see me on TV acting for the first time.”

If all goes well, hopefully it won’t be the last time. While Astro is hard at work on completing his album and keeping up with his studies, the young go-getter is still open to the idea of pursuing acting down the line. Not just for the potential big payday, but for the therapeutic pluses that come with the craft. “It’s fun to be able to be in the shoes of somebody else and be another character for five months, a week or however long it takes to film a show,” he says. “I want to be somebody else sometimes I don’t always want to be Astro so I definitely plan on acting more.”

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