Erica Dias Offers Career-Chasers a Seat at Her Table of 20

Entrepreneurs like Erica Dias make it their business to motivate the people around them, even as they work toward their own success. She is a publicist and co-owner of Atlanta PR company, The B Firm, and spends the majority of her time working alongside her sister and business partner, Ashley Jernigan.

However, when the 31-year-old woman of power isn’t providing her services to fashion, beauty brands, nonprofits, and athletes, she’s encouraging other business-minded men and women to make their next #BossMove. Her passion project, Erica’s Table of 20, is a monthly luncheon held at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta. This May, as part of the ninth installment, guest speakers included Sarah-Elizabeth Reed, the First Lady of Atlanta, and clothing designer, Mimi G.

[Related: Erica Douglas Helps Small Businesses Enter the Beauty Industry] caught up with Dias to talk about Erica’s Table of 20, what motivated her to start the project, and what followers can expect at the 10th luncheon.

BlackEnterprise: Can you tell me a little about yourself? What do you do for a living?

Dias: I grew up in Richmond, California. I’m 31 years old and I co-own The B Firm PR with my sister, Ashley Jernigan. I’m a publicist that provides services for fashion, beauty brands, nonprofits, and athletes. I also have a passion project called Erica’s Table of 20.

How did Erica’s Table of 20 come about? How often does it take place, and how do people earn a seat at the table?

Erica’s Table of 20 came from my desire to meet more women and men who are taking their careers to greater heights. I wanted to engage with  people who would open up and tell their truth, and still let others know how to move forward with their dreams. We all go through obstacles, but I’m a firm believer in: you faith it, until you make it. So I select people who are open to telling that story. The luncheon takes place once a month at Neiman Marcus, in a intimate setting with 20 guests. Tickets can be purchased by emailing or

As co-founder, why was this a fitting and/or important event for The B Firm? How does it play into your brand?

It was important for me to create Erica’s Table of 20 because there was a need for women and men to get together in an intimate setting where they could be transparent without judgment. We all need a listening-ear. You never know who you are inspiring when you open up. We are all just chasing something bigger than ourselves. With my firm, being the creator of this vision, my clients have another platform to share their stories. It also allows my firm to meet potential clients.

What do you have planned for the 10th luncheon? What topics will be the focus?

The 10th luncheon will definitely be a day to remember. Follow our Instagram to find out… @TableOf20. For more information about The B Firm PR visit