Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Finances

Looking at the numbers, there are financial issues that seem indicative to black women. They earn less money than men, 61 cents for every dollar. They have less net worth, one penny for every dollar of wealth owned by their male counterparts.

They are draining their financial resources to care for their children and extended family. On top of that they have to contend with issues affecting the rest of the world such as high unemployment, economic uncertainty, international turmoil, and market fluctuations. However, there are still opportunities for black women to gain financial footing and get ahead.

Coming off the heels of the Black Enterprise 7th Annual Women of Power Summit, BE convened a roundtable panel of female personal finance all-stars to answer investing and other financial questions from our editors and our female fans via Twitter and Facebook. BE asked the pros to share their advice on how women can better manage their money to achieve their goals even during an economic downturn.

Roundtable members were Dail St. Claire, President, Williams Capital Management; Lori Anne Douglass, Partner, Trusts and Estates Group, Moses & Singer L.L.P.; Sharon Epperson, CNBC Senior Commodities and Personal Finance Correspondent; and Robin A. Young, Financial Adviser and President, Women Behaving Wealthy.

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