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Ex-Convict Turned Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Arrested For Murder

Sheldon Johnson, a formerly incarcerated criminal justice reform advocate, has been arrested for murder following body parts being discovered in his NYC home.

Sheldon Johnson, a formerly incarcerated criminal justice reform advocate, was arrested for murder in New York City after body parts were found in his freezer.

The victim was identified as 44-year-old Collin Small. The man’s remains were found after police searched Johnson’s home in the Bronx for a welfare check. The ex-convict was arrested on March 7 for second-degree murder, among other charges, per USA Today. His additional charges include manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.

Small’s torso was found in the apartment on the night of March 5, as CBS New York reported that he was shot to death before being beheaded and dismembered. The other parts of his body, including his head, were being stored in Johnson’s freezer. Upon leaving the police station, Johnson proclaimed his innocence to a crowd of reporters.

Prior to his arrest, Johnson used his time post-release to speak about his advocacy work. He appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast alongside civil rights attorney Josh Dubin.

On the show, he spoke about his transition to criminal justice work while in prison, where he served 25 years for an attempted murder and robbery committed in 1999.

“I really said: I have to change my life. I have to change my life. I just can’t do this,” shared Johnson on his decision to quit his Bloods gang affiliation. “I had a wife, I had kids, I had family still, my son was growing up. He was hearing stories of my so-called notoriety. I just didn’t want to be that dad.”

Johnson is being held without bond. He was released from prison in May 2023 for his prior conviction and worked with at-risk youth at the Queens Defenders in New York. He is expected to appear in court on March 11.

Rogan has not commented on the matter.

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