Explore The Skies With This High-Powered Mini Drone

Explore The Skies With This High-Powered Mini Drone

Christmas is quickly approaching, which means it’s the gift-giving season. If you’re lucky, you already know what to buy for people on your list. Chances are, however, there are one or two folks on your list who seemingly already have it all.

For them, the Fader Stealth Drone could be just what you’re looking for to do the trick. For just $59.99, it won’t set you back too much. Usually, it costs $129, so it’s available for a limited time at a steep price drop.

This 6-axis gyro-powered drone does it all. And thanks to its small size, you’d be hard-pressed to find places it can’t go. It’s loaded with features that will entertain experienced drone pilots and newbies alike.

This small but powerful drone comes with auto take-off and land, and altitude hold, making it perfect for beginners to the hobby. For those more daring, it boasts aerobatic flip capabilities to take your flights up a notch.

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This drone comes outfitted with LED lights, allowing for night flying. Its 3.7V, 520 mAh battery allows up to seven hours of flight time. A USB cable for charging it is included with your purchase. It only takes about 45 minutes to charge it up.

While it can be controlled via its remote control, there’s a companion iOS and Android app that enhances the drone-flying experience. Flying and aerobatics aren’t the only features that will keep you occupied.

A 720p HD camera is attached to this drone, allowing you to shoot photos and videos from various altitudes. It’s also capable of 1 MP-, 120-degree, wide-angle view. It’s perfect for shooting videos of sporting events or for your business from above.

At a $59 price point, you’d have to search far and wide for another drone that boasts the features and capabilities of the Fader Stealth Drone. Purchase it today while it’s still available at its limited-time price.

Prices subject to change.