Explore This Time-Tested iTunes Alternative

Explore This Time-Tested iTunes Alternative

If you’re someone who finds yourself fully entrenched in Apple’s ecosystem, then you’re likely all too familiar with the dependency between your Macbook, iPhone or iPad on Apple’s iTunes.

If you’re looking for a viable replacement, then look no further than ThinkSky’s iTools. For a limited time, you can purchase a lifetime subscription for premium access for just $14.99. That’s a savings of 51% percent of its MSRP.

On sale now for $14.99 you can get an additional 40% off using coupon code VIP40 as a part of our VIP Sale. That drops your final price down to $8.99.

This alternative to iTunes allows you to manage your applications/games, backup your iPad and iPhone safely, it can transfer different media files and its iPhone clone features make for the perfect mirror to the newest iPhone. Furthermore, its virtual location function simulates any place in the world.

All that’s needed to run iTools is a computer that supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and it’s fully compatible with the latest iPhone/iPad & iOS 12. Your purchase of this product allows up to five devices that can be used under the license.

As far as file transfers go with iTools, you have the option of transferring your music to your computer without the risk of losing any of your data. Exporting photos to iTools is also a breeze with one-click, and your photos transfer seamlessly in their original resolution.

One of iTunes’ most popular features, the customization of ringtones, is also present on iTools. Ditch your phone’s pre-packaged ringtones for fun and funky ringtones courtesy of iTools’ Ringtone Maker. Back up your phone’s data with confidence with iTools’ extraction feature, and restore data from previous backups that you want to recall.

ThinkSky is a respected player in the technology world, as its AirPlayer product has been purchased and enjoyed by many Apple users. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to iTunes or find yourself curious about what alternatives exist as a replacement, take advantage of this low-priced product today and unleash its many features.

Prices subject to change.