Facebook Messenger Will Dominate Your Life

Facebook Messenger Will Dominate Your Life

Facebook Messenger
(Image: Facebook)



Clearly, the Facebook team has a goal: to have you do just about everything in your life through Messenger.

Today, the social media company announced a bevy of new features in its Messenger App. One of the most interesting of them is that you can now send your location to your friends via Messenger. The new capability allows you to send a map of your current location or of a spot you can meet up with others.

Another feature that is sure to be used frequently; you can send money to Messenger contacts. This is handy when a group of people wants to chip in for a present, or an event, for instance. To send money, you enter your debit card information. The recipient also enters a debit card to redeem the amount. Facebook says the transactions are secured within Messenger.

Here is a rundown of the other boosts in the Messenger app:

  • Messenger can now be used without requiring a Facebook account. You can also use Messenger on a desktop by going to messenger.com in a browser.
  • The Messenger built-in camera has been enhanced. Messenger Camera now has even more filters, stickers, and frames to let you get as augmented as you want with your selfies.
  • You can use the same Facebook reaction emojis now in Messenger as on Facebook posts.
  • You can tag someone who is not part of a group message to get their attention and have them join in the conversation.
  • You can turn a Messenger conversation into a voice or video call.
  • Make group calls and speak with up to 50 people at a time.
  • You can record and send voice clips to friends.
  • You can search for GIFs and send them to friends. You can also send any of the 200 packs of stickers now available.
  • Request an Uber or Lyft directly from Messenger
  • Type “@fbchess” in a conversation and virtual chessboard will pop up. You can play chess with a friend right in the app. Sending a basketball emoji opens up a virtual basketball game.
  • Use Messenger codes to starts a conversation with someone who is not a contact. If you are at a networking event, for example, you can share your Messenger code with someone; they can scan it, and then you both can engage in a conversation via the app.
  • You can also send someone a Messenger Link so they can quickly connect with you.