Facebook Lets Users Know What “People Talking About”

Facebook Lets Users Know What “People Talking About”

I’m a pretty late bloomer on the Facebook-for-business bandwagon, as opposed to just family and friends. But a good friend recently educated me on how you can add layers of security and privacy for people you know casually, while allowing good friends total access to your page. Be sure to do this, and include business updates and links to any press or promotions you’re doing. Facebook is still the best way to spread a message virally.

Just when people get used to Facebook‘s latest round of changes and updates, there’s always another one around the corner. This time it’s the introduction of a new social media metric, tentatively titled “People Talking About.” As the name suggests, it keeps track of what Facebook users are talking about online. Through the Page Insights analytics tool, user “likes,” comments and posts will be measured to generate an analysis of user-initiated activity related to a particular page.

Mashable’s Todd Wasserman explains, “The idea is that users will understand a Page with a high People Talking About rating is one that has compelling content. Likewise, content creators will be motivated to make their Pages more comment-worthy….

“Other metrics, which are designed for administrators of brand and media Pages, include ‘Likes,’ ‘Friends of Fans’ and ‘Weekly Total Reach.’ While ‘Likes’ is self-explanatory, Friends of Fans is the actual number of friends your fans have, and weekly total reach is designed to be an accurate assessment of how many total people have posted something about your Page, how many news organizations (within Facebook) have referenced it and how much viral distribution elements of your Page has gotten.”

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