Met Gala, Rihanna, Fake AI Photos

Fake AI Photos Of Rihanna At Met Gala Trick Social Media Users

Rihanna and other singers like Katy Perry went viral for the fake pictures.

Disturbia, indeed.

Fake AI photos of Rihanna at the MET Gala tricked social media users into thinking she walked its red carpet.

Rihanna did not attend the May 6 event due to the flu, according to People. However, “photos” of her still made the rounds on social media. The deepfake images depicted an eerily realistic photo of the Fenty Beauty founder. In them, she wore a lavish white dress, complete with florals befitting this year’s “The Garden of Time” theme.

However, upon further inspection, the pictures revealed to be a hoax. Rihanna was not the only victim. The Associated Press reported that other singers, such as Katy Perry, fell prey to AI generators. Her AI pictures gained traction to the point where Perry had to disclose to her mother that the photos were not reall, posting a screenshot of the conversation to her Instagram story. Rihanna herself has yet to comment on the matter.

The photos were a result of generative AI, typically used to create photos that would not exist otherwise. While this is not the first time the technology has been used on celebrities, more nefarious uses have led to trouble in the past. Sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift went viral earlier this year, prompting X to block searches of it.

As AI usage grows, so does it potential consequences. Currently, laws to protect individuals from the harmful effects of the technology continue to develop. Deemed “image-based sexual abuse,” U.S. teens use AI “nudification” apps in an effort to bully young girls. Deepfake nude photos are another way revenge porn persists, prompting lawmakers to take action as AI image generators widen in accessibility.

Despite the relatively harmless nature of the MET Gala image hoax, the incident does call to a looming problem of unregulated AI imagery, especially when the masses cannot determine the real from the fake.

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