Family Plans to Sue Over Teacher Who Allegedly Bullied And Injured 7-Year-Old Special Needs Child

Family Plans to Sue Over Teacher Who Allegedly Bullied And Injured 7-Year-Old Special Needs Child

The mother of 7-year-old Amaria Clark plans to sue the entire school board for the alleged mistreatment her special needs child endured.

Airbase Elementary School in Homestead, Florida, is at risk of a federal lawsuit over a teacher accused of bullying Amaria after she was pulled out of their class, CBS Miami reports.

On Thursday, Amaria’s mom, Adah Clark, held a press conference saying she wants to see the teacher, principal, and assistant principal held responsible for what happened to her child.

“I was hurt. I’m still hurt,” Clark said. “I sent her to school, the way I send her to school is the way I expect her to come back,” she said. “She’s loving, she’s sweet, she’s kind. She’s loving. She’s not an evil child, she’s not a vicious child.”

The family says that Amaria, who is developmentally delayed, was pulled out of the teacher’s class after claiming to be mistreated by the teacher. Once removed from her class, the Clark family says the teacher started finding ways to retaliate against Amaria.

On Sept. 29, Clark claims Amaria got off the school bus holding her arm that was visibly bruised, Miami New Times reports. When asked what happened, Clark says Amaria and other kids on the bus claimed a teacher grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around to scold her as she attempted to board the bus to go home.

“When my child gets off the bus, other children were all around me, telling me what happened,” Clark recalled. “It didn’t make sense, but by the time I got to Amaria, her arms told it all.”

“To see Amaria boarding the bus home, come up from behind, swoop in on Amaria without any provocation, no warning, grab Amaria from behind, jerk her and yank her around to falsely accuse this little girl of stealing a cellphone, which there was no cellphone,” the family’s attorney Rawsi Williams said.

According to Amaria’s older brother, who was on the bus when the incident happened, the older white woman, who is a 45-year veteran of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS), accused the child of stealing a phone and resorted to forcibly grabbing the girl’s wrist and pulling her down the bus steps.

“She grabbed my arm on the bus, grabbed it very hard. I guess she was mad at me for stealing a phone but it wasn’t true,” Amaria said.

In addition to the bus incident when Amaria was no longer her student, the teacher allegedly prevented the child from going to the bathroom, claiming that she was lying.

Amaria has since left the school and enrolled in a new one.

“I have a good village behind me, and that includes my attorneys. It’s rough, it’s hard, but we can do it. We just want justice,” Adah said.