FAMU Bowler Kicked Off Team, Claims Due To Studying 

FAMU Bowler Kicked Off Team, Claims Due To Studying 

Former Florida A&M bowler, Shamoria Johnson, claims she was struck from the team due to her studying.

A bowler at Florida A&M University, an HBCU in Tallahassee, claims that she was let go from the team due to her studying habits. Shamoria Johnson stated that she was forced to leave the squad by its new head coach. 

As reported by HBCU Gameday, Johnson told the first-year employee, Capri Howard, that she would be unable to attend a Dec. 4 practice. She stated that she alerted her days prior on Nov. 29 but was left on “read.” 

“I got no response back,” Johnson told U.S. journalist Roland Martin. “I didn’t get a text message back; instead, she sent us an email stating that we needed to manage our time better. And being a student athlete, we should be able to balance our school work and our academic work. So having homework or studying is not an excuse to miss practice.”

Johnson instead reiterated her commitment to her studies, as they are a top priority that must be balanced with the sport.

“I ended the email by saying that I would prioritize my academics as a student-athlete. And I also referenced one of the rules from the women’s bowling team, rules where it stated that being a student is the priority. That was the only bolded rule on the rule sheet, and I didn’t get a response to that email either.”

Johnson stated that the coach referred to the student as a “cancer” whose email was the final straw of disrespect, subsequently dismissing her from the team.

In protest of Johnson’s removal, some of her teammates walked off, leading to all of their scholarships being revoked. However, upon news of the incident, Johnson’s former teammates were given back their financial aid. 

Florida A&M VP of Intercollegiate Athletics Tiffani-Dawn Sykes released a statement supporting Howard on her right to remove the ex-bowler,

“In December 2023, Coach Howard dismissed a student-athlete from the bowling team for reasons supported by NCAA Bylaws. Though it’s always challenging to see our student-athletes dismissed, I support the decision by Coach Howard as the proper procedures were taken before the dismissal.”

Johnson remains off the bowling team’s official roster but is continuing to spread awareness of what she believes is an unjust situation.