FAMU Graduate Partners With Crayola To Debut Her Black History Game, Release New Art Supplies

Shanequa Dasher, a former elementary school teacher, children’s book author, and entrepreneur, is set to partner with Crayola in releasing new art supplies from its Colors of the World Collection through presenting her Black history game, “Who’s That Hero.”
Originally from Florida, by way of Nashville, Tennessee, Dasher is a Florida A&M graduate who had been a teacher for a decade before deciding to retire early and pursue her own aspirations. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of children beyond the traditional classroom. Now the owner of Dasher Creations, her custom handmade shop has transitioned into a company that “additionally provides mentorship and classes to adults and young learners who’d like to learn the basics of creating handmade items while integrating learning in the process,” according to the company website.
With an emphasis on creativity, Dasher’s mission is to instill confidence in her students through non-traditional education, apparel design, and performing arts enrichment. In honor of Black History Month, she created a game that would foster diversity and inspire students to love learning about Black history. Crayola is thrilled to partner with Dasher in bringing her creative vision to life.
In a statement provided to ABC 27, Crayola announced, in part: “Who’s That Hero” will educate and inspire audiences for years to come. We are excited for kids to experience it.”
“This is absolutely a dream come true for me because all I want to do is make an impact on the world through children and their families,” Dasher said, excited about bringing the diverse opportunity to Crayola. She is also the co-owner of The Art of Confidence (AOC) foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides performing arts and educational opportunities to underserved youth and members of the Atlanta community to perform in major stage productions.
On Wednesday, Feb 23. at 2 p.m., you can catch Dasher and her daughter, Kayla, teaching people how to create the “Who’s That Hero game.”
The event will take place on Crayola’s Facebook page.