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Fani Willis Talks Boldly About Race Despite Judge’s Warning 

Fani Willis spoke about race after a judge said she should refrain from doing so

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis spoke about race after a judge said she should refrain from doing so. 

During the South Fulton Women of the Shield Awards, hosted by the South Fulton Police Department on Mar. 29, Willis expressed why, despite Judge Scott McAfee’s recommendation, she will continue to speak out about race relations.

“Recently, they tell me they don’t like me to talk about race. Well, I’m going to talk about it anyway,” she said to the crowded room. 

“Truth is, there’s some challenges that come with being Black. And I see so much greatness in this city that has so many great African American leaders. And I appreciate all of the sacrifice that you all have had to make to be in these positions.”

McAfee criticized Willis’ race talk in his decision to allow her to remain as lead prosecutor in Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case. Willis faced possible expulsion after co-defendants raised concerns about a romantic relationship between Willis and special prosecutor on the case, Nathan Wade. 

The judge touched on remarks the DA made while speaking at Atlanta’s Big Bethel AME Church in January 2024. During her time on the pulpit, she addressed issues surrounding the hearing and the challenges she faced both personally and professionally.

“I appointed three special counsels as is my right to do, but they only attacked one,” Willis said at the time. 

McAfee called her remarks “legally improper” and warned her of a potential gag order in the future.

Willis was amongst “12 extraordinary women who have made remarkable contributions to law enforcement and community impact.” Before receiving this honor, Willis’ father, John Clifford Floyd III, testified that due to receiving death threats, the DA was forced to move from her South Fulton home. 

She was appreciative of the support of the department and thanked Chief Keith Meadows for having “the intelligence to create an event like this where we recognize that you’ve had to go through a little more to serve.” However, her remarks were met with racist undertones on social media.

After saying, “it’s hard out here always having to prove yourself two and three times,” people expressed that she’s been given enough time to prove herself.

“I think she’s “proved” herself one time too many,” @RebeccaCPayton2 tweeted. Another said the only thing she has proven is being a liar.

“Well she’s proved herself 2 or 3 times to be a damned liar..” @peachykeencutz wrote. “…I’m sick of this racism shit by black people all of the time—I’m not saying racism isn’t a problem but goddamn it!!!!”

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