Seriously? Fans of Ye Tried to Raise Funds Via GoFundMe to Help Him Regain Billionaire Status

A few people were hoping to help Ye get back to a status he lost due to his recent downfall after making comments that affected his finances. Several GoFundMe pages were allegedly started to help Ye become a billionaire again, but those plans have failed.

According to AllHipHop, there were several pages started on the GoFundMe platform to help the eccentric rapper formerly known as Kanye West reclaim his billionaire status. The fashion designer lost his billionaire status after Adidas cut all ties with him, lowering his financial status to $500 million.

The pages set up to help Ye were reportedly taken down by the fundraising site.

The latest fallout has cost Ye his billionaire status and made way for hip-hop stalwart Sean “Diddy” Combs to sit at the billionaire’s table. Ye now sits at the “almost there” table currently occupied by music producer Dr. Dre and cannabis business owner Gilbert “Berner” Milam, who both trail the Donda Academy founder with fortunes of more than $400 million each.

Rolling Stone has reported that this isn’t the first time fans tried to raise funds for the embattled Ye.

When Ye reportedly had $53 million in debt in February 2016, a man named Jeremy Piatt launched a GoFundMe account for the controversial artist. He raised $57,398 toward the goal of $53 million. Ye’s camp declined to accept the money raised, but instead of returning the funds to people who contributed, Piatt decided to donate the money to a nonprofit organization, Notes for Notes.

“As reported by TMZ, Mr. Kanye West’s camp has declined the funds raised by this GoFundMe campaign. Since the funds raised will NOT be going to Mr. West, we’re excited to announce that they will instead be directed toward an outstanding charitable organization, Notes for Notes®. In lieu of funding Mr. West’s artistic vision, 100% of the funds will be headed to young aspiring musicians hoping to fulfill their dreams.”