Fans Want Simone Biles to Try the #CrateChallenge--Is She Up for It?

Fans Want Simone Biles to Try the #CrateChallenge–Is She Up for It?
(Image: Athleta/Alex Brooks)

It was only a matter of time before Simone Biles was propositioned to enter the latest online fad.

As a decorated gymnast with four Olympic gold medals under her belt, she’s more than qualified to try her luck in what’s been dubbed the “hood Olympics.”

Over the weekend, one fan reached out to Biles on Twitter to spark her interest in the latest social media trend known as the #CrateChallenge. “Your people want to see you do a crate challenge,” the Twitter user said in reference to the now-viral trend taking place in Black communities across the country.

“Where are y’all even finding these crates hahahaha. that’s what I’m wondering,” Biles said in response.

In response, one of her followers reposted Dionne Warwick’s response to the challenge.

“I will not be prancing on milk crates and neither should you,” the pop music legend advised.

Now that the Tokyo Olympics are over, a new form of the Olympics games has made it’s way on social media in the form of stacked milk crates. The mission is to successfully walk up and down the crates to the peak and make your way back to the bottom without falling.

The challenge has become so popular online, it even made its way overseas with Black neighborhoods in London setting up their own crates to test their luck with the challenge.

But it looks like Simone Biles is just wondering how she can get her hands on enough milk crates before trying the challenge out for herself. So far, no celebrities have tried the challenge–which is probably a good thing.

People of all ages have gone viral from either making it across or busting their tails in a dramatic fashion. Considering all the risks involved with completing the #CrateChallenge, it’s probably best for Simone to sit this one out.