Fantasia Pledges Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. As An Honorary Member

This was worth missing an episode of Taylor Talks.

Fantasia Barrino-Taylor took to her personal Instagram to announce that she joined Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. as an honorary member.

The award-winning singer shared a video on Live of herself as she attended the exclusive induction ceremony during the sorority’s Centennial Founders’ Month.

“I’ve always wanted to be a part of a sisterhood,” Fantasia said.

“We’re alike. I love what you support and I love what you do. And I won’t disappoint. I promise, I won’t,” the When I See You singer told her new sorority sisters.

“Everywhere I go, I will rep you,” she added, before initiating the Sigma Gamma Rho “EE-Yip!” call.

Fantasia was embraced with hugs and selfies before a member, who revealed that she was the singer’s cousin, closed out the ceremony with prayer. The women of blue and gold circled up with the superstar and bowed their heads, sending Fantasia off with prayers of success, support, and traveling grace on her tour.

The women cleared out of the room into another, where Fantasia found loads of paraphernalia on the chairs and bed of the hotel room.

“I am now a Sigma Gamma Rho,” Fantasia said, followed by another round of “EE-Yips!”

“I had to be quiet. It was hard, but now I am a part of the best sisterhood there is,” she added.

The individual filming the moment panned the room again, showing bags, jackets, flowers, and other blue and gold items in the space. The camera then zoomed in on the organization’s logo on Fantasia’s blazer.


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Fantasia’s husband, Kendall Taylor, was also in attendance to share the special moment with his wife.

According to the Sigma Gamma Rho website, founded in 1922, the sorority is a service organization dedicated to promoting the greater good in education, service, and leadership development.

Other inductees included actress Alexis Jones, Emmy-nominated event producer Yvonne McNair, and Osmo’s Global Head of Communication,s Shawn Smith.