Father-Daughter Love: Shaq Hits the ‘Griddy’ With Daughter Me’Arah During LSU Visit

Shaq has no problem showing off his dance skills so it’s no shock that he hit the “gritty” while visiting his alma mater, Louisiana State University.

The NBA legend stepped foot on campus to support his daughter, high basketball star Me’Arah O’Neal, who was visiting as a potential recruit, according to Outkick.

While the O’Neals were there, Angel Reese, one of LSU’s star players, took the time to show them around campus. She joked around with the father-daughter duo and claimed she wanted to stay another year just to play with Me’Arah. She fit right in with her potential future Tiger teammates, posting TikTok videos with Reese and fellow player Amani Bartlett.

@mearahoneal Sistas @Maniii @angel reese ♬ PRETTY BOY FLOW – STURDYYOUNGINN™️

Shaq got in on the fun with his daughter and the girls by showing off his “griddy” skills. The dance was made popular by fellow famous LSU alumnus, Justin Jefferson, the star wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. He is known for hitting the dance during NFL games.

@angelreese10ITS A PARADE INSIDE MY CITY YEAHHHH ♬ original sound –

With all the fun and games, Shaq and Me’Arah snapped some photos for a professional photoshoot. Shaq considered revisiting his glory days after Moore asked him if he thinks he could beat her one-on-one. “I know I can,” Shaq answered as Moore laughed.

@angelreese10 just another day at LSU @mearahoneal ♬ original sound – angel reese

The basketball world’s eyes are on the O’Neals. An LSU takeover wouldn’t be surprising. O’Neal’s son, Shareef, is currently a Tiger, according to Sports Illustrated. Me’Arah is a 2024 prospect, and while she has no made public announcements about where she’ll play ball, the six-foot-three standout is already a hot hoops topic.