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Family Of Ricky Cobb II Files Lawsuit Against Minnesota State Troopers Over Fatal Traffic Stop

The federal lawsuit seeks monetary damages from Ryan Londregan and Brett Seide for the fatal July 2023 shooting of Ricky Cobb II.

A federal lawsuit was filed April 17 against two Minnesota State Troopers for their involvement in Ricky Cobb II’s death. The lawsuit seeks monetary damages from Ryan Londregan and Brett Seide for the July 2023 shooting.

According to the Minn Post, the family of the slain 33-year-old announced the lawsuit. The civil suit alleges that the state troopers violated multiple amendments while attempting to remove Cobb II from his vehicle during a traffic stop.

The news conference featured numerous members of Cobb II’s family, including his parents and both of his children’s mothers.

“Imagine your children walking out the door every day to go out to school and having to say goodbye to an urn instead of their actual parent,” said Danielle Pickett, who shared two sons with Cobb II. “They don’t have a father and we’re left to raise little boys without their dad being present.”

The civil lawsuit claims that the troopers did not uphold the fourth and fourteenth amendments at the scene and that the troopers conducted an unreasonable seizure and used excessive force toward Cobb II. Upon stopping him, they learned that Cobb II may have violated a protection order in Ramsey County. This revelation prompted the officers to begin arresting Cobb.

However, Cobb II refused to leave the vehicle. After the car moved forward, the incident escalated, with Lonrdegan firing two shots that ultimately killed him. The Cobb family’s attorney, Harry Daniels, explained how the suit does not call upon the state nor Minneapolis. This is dissimilar to the case brought by George Floyd’s family, who received a $27.5 million settlement from the city.

However, Daniels said a similar suit is not out of question. Furthermore, Londregan faces charges of second-degree unintentional murder, first-degree assault, and second-degree manslaughter for his involvement.

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