Finally run Windows software on your MacBook with this Parallels app bundle

Finally run Windows software on your MacBook with this Parallels app bundle

The latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models recently hit the market just in time for the holidays. Mac computers are the tools of choice for creative entrepreneurs, and with the company’s new ARM-based processors, you’re getting a ton of horsepower in a sleek, slim package. 

However, where Macs truly shine is the macOS ecosystem and the ever-expanding app library. Here, you can find countless apps that can help you grow your business, whether it’s for productivity, file sharing, or graphic design. If you’re looking for apps that will help you get the most out of your shiny new Mac, look no further than The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle which is on sale at $69.99 for just the next few weeks and features 12 top-rated apps that can boost your efficiency and expand your Mac’s usefulness.

The Apps Included

The anchor of this bundle is Parallels Desktop Pro. The app allows users to run the latest version of Windows 10 on a Mac. This is perfect if your work involves Windows-exclusive tools like CAD programs. PCMag gives Parallels Desktop a 4.5 out of 5, stating, “It’s fast in testing, offers tight integration between Macs and guest systems, and supports many other OSes, too.” 

GOOSE VPN is yet another great deal that comes in this bundle. It allows you to maintain your privacy online by encrypting and routing your traffic to one of its worldwide servers. It also protects sensitive information like credit card numbers and personal details from leaks.

Parallels Desktop Pro alone costs $99.99 per year, while GOOSE VPN is just under $60 per year. With the Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle (valued at $1266), you get one year of Parallels Desktop Pro, lifetime GOOSE VPN coverage with no recurring fees, plus 10 other apps including Luminar 4 image editor, uTalk language learning, and a powerful PDF editor, all for $42 with coupon code “CMSAVE40” at checkout.