Finding Life Balance, Day 5: Take a Moment to Pause and Evaluate

Finding Life Balance, Day 5: Take a Moment to Pause and Evaluate

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In day 5 of our Life Balance series, we urge high achievers — whose journey to excellence can be filled with reward, hard work, and quite a bit of stress — to take time outside of the grind to process and evaluate their process and progress.

Method 5:  Stop working so you can acknowledge your accomplishments and maximize your opportunities.

When you are constantly working, you seldom recognize your achievements. Without taking these moments to recognize your accomplishments, you are always stretching for what’s next and never appreciating and enjoying what you have completed.  This cycle often leads to burn out, health issues, personal relationship issues, and low self-esteem.  And, many times, it does not have a clearly defined end of moment of victory. When you change your mindset from working to maximizing opportunities, you reposition your thought process and how you approach your life.  You are able to separate and segment your work from other areas of your life because maximizing the opportunity has a beginning and an end. You are quicker to recognize when to end or remove your self because you understand what you are spending your time on is meant to be an opportunity not a burden you spend time on with out benefit or value.

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Sheri Riley is founder and chief partnership strategist of GLUE Inc., a premier entertainment consulting and management agency with clients including Converse and CVS Pharmacy. Having a background working with the industry’s top achievers, Riley strives to motivate, teach and inform via her second role as creator of Exponential Living L.L.C., a concept that focuses on creating holistic life balance.

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