Fitness Gurus and Accounts To Follow on Instagram
Black Enterprise Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

If you follow the right people, Instagram can offer plenty of inspiration to keep you motivated. As the season changes on the East coast and cold weather ushers its way in it can be hard to stay on track. But you know what they say, summer body’s are built in the winter. BE Modern Man has made it easy for you to find the inspiration you need to get the body you want. Follow these 5 IG Fitness accounts and turn your notifications on so you don’t miss an update.

Curtis Williams @curtiswilliams17 – former NFL athlete, current sponsored performance coach and University of Maryland Alum.

BE Modern Man Fitness and Health

IG Fitness trainer and inspiration, Curtis Williams. Photo Credit: IG













DaShaun Johsnon @guru_of_abs – Nike trainer/instructor, Fina Flex athlete and sweet sweat brand ambassador.

BE Modern Man Fitness and Health

IG Guru of Abs, DaShaun Johnson. Photo Credit: IG













Dolvett Quincy @dolvett – NY Times Best Selling author, entrepreneur and the Biggest Loser Trainer.

BE Modern Man Fitness and Health

The Biggest Loser Trainer, Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur Dolvett Quincy. Photo Credit: IG













LC @lcfitokc – Atlanta, GA exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, online fit coach, marketing strategist and motivational speaker.

BE Modern Man Fitness and Health

Exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist and fit coach, LC. Photo Credit: IG













BlackFitnessToday @blackfitnesstoday – Bringing you the pulse of health and fitness in the black community

BE Modern Man Fitness and Health

IG Fitness Black Fitness Magazine, Black Fitness Today. Photo Credit: IG













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