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Florida High School Officials Reassigned After Allowing Transgender Player On Volleyball Team

School officials in Florida have been reassigned following their decision to allow a transgender girl on a volleyball team.

Four school officials in Florida were reassigned on Nov. 27 following their decision to allow a transgender girl to participate on a girls’ volleyball team, a move that contradicted state law, according to Daily Mail.

Several officials at Monarch High School in Pompano Beach, Florida, including Principal James Cecil, Assistant Principal Kenneth May, Athletic Director Dione Hester, and Volleyball Coach Jessica Norton, have been reassigned following allegations of improper student participation in sports, specifically involving a transgender girl on the girls’ volleyball team, according to the outlet. The move comes in the wake of the passing of a bill in Florida by Gov. Ron DeSantis barring transgender females from playing on public school teams designated for student-athletes born as girls.

“We are committed to providing all our students with a safe and inclusive learning environment,” stated Broward County School District spokesman John Sullivan in a written statement to CBS Miami, emphasizing the school district’s commitment to following state law and awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

Critics, including Scott Galvin, executive director of Safe Schools South Florida, expressed dismay at the school’s handling of the sensitive issue, highlighting the potential breach of the student’s privacy. Galvin criticized the school, stating, “It’s horrendous first on just a human level that the school would out somebody on an issue like this that’s obviously incredibly sensitive. It’s just dumbfounding, and the Broward County Schools should be ashamed of themselves.”

The student in question had not publicly disclosed her transgender identity at the time of the incident, and sources indicate that she transitioned several years ago. The school district superintendent and the regional superintendent of schools decided to reassign the Monarch High officials.

Gov. DeSantis signed the bill into law in 2021 and argued that it ensures fairness in women’s sports by aligning competition based on biological sex. The law has faced opposition from civil rights advocates, including the Human Rights Campaign, which plans to challenge it in court.

“This is yet another hate-driven attack from the governor and Republican legislators, and it’s insulting that they’ve staged this morning’s photo-op on the first day of Pride Month,” criticized state Sen. Shevrin Jones. Despite opposition, supporters of the law assert that it aims to maintain fairness in women’s sports, particularly concerning biological differences between males and females.

As the controversy unfolds, the legal implications and potential challenges to the law are expected to intensify, with critics arguing that it is discriminatory and unconstitutional, while proponents emphasize its focus on preserving opportunities for women in sports.