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Florida Man Accused Of Massive Prescription Scheme In Multistate Operation

Devin Magarian, 21, is accused of masterminding a scheme to prescribe thousands of prescriptions for controlled substances by hacking a portal used by doctors.

A 21-year-old Florida man is accused of masterminding a scheme to prescribe thousands of prescriptions for controlled substances by hacking a portal used by doctors. As Patch reports, Nassau County, New York, authorities say the scope of Devin Magarian’s operation supersedes any they have previously seen. Though from Florida, Magarian was arrested in New York.

“This is one the most complex and technologically sophisticated drug operations we’ve ever witnessed,” Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly told Patch. “We learned that Devin Anthony Magarian and his associates are part of a wide-ranging conspiracy in which they surreptitiously commandeered the e-prescribing credentials of doctors. The defendant and his associates then used those compromised accounts to issue and fill tens of thousands of prescriptions for narcotics and other controlled substances in Nassau County and multiple states.” 

According to prosecutors, Magarian’s scheme compromised the e-prescribing logins of doctors across the United States. They allege that he primarily used the platforms to issue fraudulent prescriptions for oxycodone, a highly addictive pain reliever, as well as promethazine with codeine, a cough syrup typically combined with soft drinks to create the recreational drug drink “lean.”

Magarian is accused of using runners to pick up the prescriptions in multiple states, using fake names, and targeting both chain and small pharmacies. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. The Associated Press reports that he is facing 19 criminal charges, which include illegally selling a controlled substance and illegally diverting prescription medication.

Magarian’s attorney, Douglas Rankin, sent an email to the AP stating his confidence in his client. “My client is 21 years old with no criminal record,” Rankin wrote. “This is a rush to judgment, and I fully expect that my client will be fully exonerated.”

Authorities accused Magarian and his associates of “living a lavish lifestyle” using the scheme to pay for courtside seats at NBA games, luxury cars, trips to strip clubs, and often going out to steakhouses.

After a Long Island, New York, pharmacist tipped off law enforcement about a potentially fraudulent prescription, which originated from out of state in February, authorities became aware of Magarian’s scheme. According to the allegations, Magarian created fake patient information, sending the false prescriptions to pharmacies in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and North and South Carolina. Magarian allegedly used the messaging app Telegram to send instructions to his customers and then collected their payments through cryptocurrency platforms and other digital payment services.  

Following a yearlong investigation, Magarian was arrested and charged on Jan. 26.

According to WFTV, the scheme fell apart when a 22-year-old man arrived at a pharmacy to pick up a prescription written for a 50-year-old man. Magarian was arrested in New York while in the area to reportedly collect a payment of $14,000 for a prescription of 630 Oxycodone pills. Donnelly said at a press conference in New York that authorities were mystified about how Magarian accomplished his scheme.

“He was able to somehow compromise the cellphone, get in and get the e-prescribing credential of the doctor,” Donnelly said. “He would then credit a fraudulent e-prescribing account using real credentials.” Magarian will be detained in Long Island until his next court-ordered appearance on Feb. 5.

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