Could Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Have Made $4.3M on Sports Bets?

Could Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Have Made $4.3M on Sports Bets?

Money Team: Floyd Mayweather Jr. has signed a deal with Showtime/CBS which will keep his empire at the top for years to come.

It was a good year to be on the Money Team.

An informal — and yet, startlingly complete — rundown of the bets Floyd Mayweather put down on various sporting events this year reveals that the pound-for-pound champion may have won $4.3 million in 2012. The bets were compiled by the sports and gossip blog Terez Owens.

Mayweather takes photos of the receipts and posts them to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, so it’s anyone’s guess how much he may have lost in bets. But for a more honest payday, Mayweather will soon be taking matters into his own hands — literally.

Mayweather’s right hand man, Leonard Ellerbe, recently told that he is planning to fight twice in 2013: once on May 4 (an event being dubbed Cinco de Mayweather) and again on Sept. 14. Mayweather’s camp says it is deciding between just a handful of fighters: Canelo Alvarez, Robert Guerrero and Manny Pacquiao.

For a look at the the winning bets, check out Terez Owens.