Flying Solo: R&B Singer Mya Speaks On How A Leaked Album Helped Her Decide To Go Indie

Flying Solo: R&B Singer Mya Speaks On How A Leaked Album Helped Her Decide To Go Indie

If there’s one thing we know about Black women, we know how to turn a bad situation into something that inspires everyone around us.

For R&B singer MYA, a leaked album from her record label inspired her to take things into her own hands. According to UnitedMasters, the “leak” happened in Japan and cost the former dancer and video jockey thousands of dollars. Faced with the choice of taking her label to court or splitting ways to venture out on her own, the “Fallen” singer chose the latter.

And it seems her decision was the right one.

“My fourth album with a major label was accidentally released once the release date changed for the fourth time,” said the “Moving On” songstress in a previous interview. “I was given the choice by my legal representation, at the time, to either go to court, that could take over a year, and sue for the money that were owed to me because the album technically came out and legally came out, or just go independent, so I decided to go independent.” Her record label, Planet 9, is home to over seven compilations and a best-selling vegan wine.

Yes, wine!

Planet 9 Fine Wine is a cruelty-free brand that fans can buy directly from Mya’s website, along with official merchandise and music. Though the cabernet sauvignon with plum infusions is not available for international shipping and has several states where it cannot be found, it has still managed to make a big splash in the wine and spirits industry.

Those who follow the singer online know that she genuinely prioritizes her health and uses what she learned on her journey to educate others. Even while performing worldwide, she still finds time to share the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and encourages her fans to do yearly detoxes through a completely alkaline diet.