Former Baylor Star Who Was Suddenly Sidelined, Writes Memoir

Former Baylor Star Who Was Suddenly Sidelined, Writes Memoir

Just five days before fulfilling his childhood dream of being drafted into the NBA, former Baylor athlete Isaiah Austin was told that he had Marfan syndrome, a rare and potentially fatal condition. He had to withdraw his name from the NBA draft, but he was still recognized.

Back in June of 2014, NBA commissioner Adam Silver paused during the 2014 NBA draft and announced Austin as an honorary pick. The Boston Celtics welcomed 7 foot 1 Austin to the team. Eventually, his number 21 green-and-white Celtics jersey was framed and placed inside the Boston arena.

Now, the former basketball star has decided to share his story in a book. Howard Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, announced on Jan. 7 that the company will publish Austin’s memoir, Dream Again.

“I am thrilled to work with Howard Books and Simon & Schuster on a project that means so much to me,” Austin said. “Through my story, we have the opportunity to inspire people and remind them to never stop believing in themselves and their dreams.”

After the news of Austin’s condition, he was offered jobs from an opportunity to work in the NBA to a full-time coaching job at University of Baylor, Austin’s alma mater. Some book contracts range from a $50,000 signing bonus to around $1.2 million. No word on Austin’s signing contract. In the past, other athletes have published books, including former Houston Rockets star Charles Barkley, Chicago Bulls small forward Dennis Rodman, Detroit Pistons player Grant Hill and others. Read more about other athletes signing book contracts.