Joy Reid, Joe Biden, mic

Former GOP Representative Reaches New Low By Attacking Joy Reid’s Looks 

Former Georgia GOP congressman Vernon Jones joined Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling: The Balance” on Jan. 16 to discuss Joy Reid’s comments on Donald Trump’s Iowa caucus victory. In a clip from Media Matters, Reid mentioned she felt Trump’s victory was based on the state’s strong presence of “white Christians.”

“This is a state that is overrepresented by white Christians that are going to participate,” she said in the edited clip. 

Once it was time for Jones to respond, it got ugly, with him saying that MSNBC had hit “its lowest moment.”

You have Joy Reid on there, who’s having a race rant against white Christians. What is wrong with them being Christians, and they happen to be white?” Jones said. “Matter of fact, her hair is whiter than those Christians.” 

On Twitter, he doubled down on his mockery and even added some threats to Reid’s job security. “In Joy Reid’s bleaching quest to be accepted by White liberals, she will be fired by those same White liberals at @msnbc or her over-the-top racist rants against and about White people,” he wrote. 

“You don’t know? You better ask @TiffanyDCross and @rolandsmartin.”

Jones, who once represented the Democratic party, even went after fellow anchor Rachel Maddow, saying she is “always bashing white men, but she wants to look like a man.”

The MAGA-driven news network has been openly critical of MSNBC’s caucus coverage, particularly of Trump’s speech. With the network opting not to air his speech, some outlets questioned its reporting integrity, according to Advocate.  

Meanwhile, Reid is continuing her reign as an anchor who continues to call out conservative viewpoints. On Jan. 19, she went toe to toe with Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice on the issue of which books should or shouldn’t be available in public schools. Justice has been vocal about protecting “parental rights” regardless of whether they’re “liberal, African American or LGBTQ,” claiming all parents have the same rights. 

Reid pressed Justice on why certain activists “get to decide what books tens of thousands of children get to read.”

“No one is banning books,” Justice replied. “Write the book, print the book, publish the book, put the book in the public library, sell the book, right? We’re talking about a public school library.” 

Shortly afterward, Reid pulled out receipts listing numerous books on the banned list, including The Diary of Anne Frank, Gender Queer: A Memoir, and Martin Luther King and the March on Washington.