Former NASA Employee Launches Diverse Emoji App

Former NASA Employee Launches Diverse Emoji App

For those of you who love to use emojis but hate the lack of diversity that comes with the app, it looks like a solution has been made to fix your dilemma.

Thanks to Katrina Parrot, a former program manager at NASA, a new app called iDiversicons has been made and its full of over 900 diverse emoticons. From African American, Asian and bi-racial faces, to diverse family situations that include emoticons of same-sex couples and interracial couples, the new app offers a range of emoticons that reflect the diverse emoji user demographic.

“One thing we wanted was an app that not just represented African Americans, we wanted one that represented the world,” Parrot tells the Houston Chronicle.

Using her own money and the newfound free time she had after being laid off from her job last year, Parrot purchased Apple’s Developer Program, hired an illustrator, and went to work on creating the emoji app that now represents the diversity of today.

The app is available today for download at the App store and Google Play store.