Former New York Jets and Oakland Raiders Player Burgess Owens Wins Utah’s 4th Congressional District

Former NFL player Burgess Owens won Utah’s 4th Congressional District seat, which was previously held by the Democratic incumbent Ben McAdams, according to KUTV.

Owens, a Republican, acknowledged that McAdams conceded the race to him via Twitter. McAdams held the seat since 2016 after he beat Republican incumbent Mia Love by just 700 votes.

Owens said in a statement, “It was a hard fought race and I am grateful for Ben’s kind words, his service and desire for a smooth transition. I am eager and excited to work on behalf of every constituent in the district and continue to serve our community. It is time to get to work.”

Burgess won the seat by a very slim margin, as he garnered 47.5% of the vote, compared to McAdams’ 46.9%.

Earlier this year, the former New York Jets and Oakland Raiders player told Fox News that “Black Americans are waking up and are leaving the plantation.”

“What the Democratic Party’s doing basically is taking away everything that gives us hope, gives us excitement,” Owens said. “They are truly a dour, dark, depressed party, and on the other side of the coin, we’re optimistic, we’re light. We say let’s go out and make things happen. Let’s figure it out.”