Former NFL Player Arrested On Two Counts Of Domestic Violence

Former NFL Player Arrested On Two Counts Of Domestic Violence

Former NFL player Darron Lee was arrested in Dublin, OH this week and charged with domestic violence.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that Lee was facing two counts of domestic violence. One charge stems from an Oct. 17 incident, and another incident that allegedly happened on April 3.

According to The Dispatch, as of April 4, Lee was behind bars in Franklin County Jail, where he awaited his court appearance. The outlet reported his bail was set at $20,000 in each case. Court records list that Lee’s current address is in Fort Lauderdale. Upon making bail, Lee has been ordered to stay away from the alleged victim or victims.

According to court records, “Officers were called after Lee reportedly punched the woman multiple times in the head during an argument. Both the female relative and the mother of Darron Lee’s child called police to report the incident.”

The Dispatch added that the woman told officers that Lee grew upset after she asked him to leave. The report said that Lee began yelling and grabbed her shirt, pushing her multiple times into a wall.

“(The relative) was then thrown to the ground while Mr. Lee kept screaming at her. Mr. Lee then began to strike her head with his fists making contact with her face and back of her head,” court records said. “(The relative) stated he struck her approximately 8-9 times in the head area with a closed fist.”

As for the alleged incident on Oct. 17, involving the mother of Lee’s child, The Dispatch reported that Lee believes the woman cheated on him.

“(The woman) was laying on the bed and Darron got on top of her, with his knees making contact with her knees, and his left hand on her neck where it remained for approximately 60 seconds,” court records said. “During this time, (the woman) advised that Darron told her that he would kill her and their child.”

Both charges are misdemeanors.