Former Powerhandz CEO Appointed Head of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator Program

When a Black woman is well-versed in a wealth of knowledge, the power will always be in her hands.

Former Powerhandz CEO Danyel Surrency Jones is venturing toward new business endeavors as she maneuvers her knowledge of business and leadership strategies as the newly appointed head of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator (BBA) program.

Jones’ new role with the company complements her 16-year track record of cross-functional experience developing Fortune 100 & 500 companies. Her responsibilities with the company reflect a multitude of previous successes that include leading the company to launch in Amazon’s BBA & Champs Pembroke Pines and closing a multimillion-dollar tender offer and capital injection from Vanguard Holdings. Jones’s efforts allowed for further expansion of the brand into boxing, punctuating the 2022 World Boxing Council’s 60th Anniversary convention in Acapulco, Mexico.

“I’ve always been a builder, and the chance to help other Black entrepreneurs achieve their dreams in business with the support of Amazon is equal parts thrilling and humbling,” Jones said.

“This role goes far beyond selling products and is a tremendous opportunity to aid in the building of legacies for Black entrepreneurs, which is deeply fulfilling at this stage in my career. I cannot wait to work alongside the brilliant minds at Amazon to amplify the stories and innovations that come from the Black community of entrepreneurs,” she added.

Jones was a highlighted CEO of the BLACK ENTERPRISE Amazon Small Business Superheroes in August 2022.

Powerhandz is an athletic training and rehabilitation product tech company that has expanded globally across 87 countries, introducing innovative methods for athletes and fitness enthusiasts across multiple sports to improve human performance.

“When you look at a company like Powerhandz, who only needs access to opportunity to grow, the biggest benefits that Amazon provides are reach and credibility,” Jones said at the time, adding that her initial mission to “impact the life cycle of a generation of athletes and disrupt the health and wellness statistics for the general fitness community.”