Founder of Black-Owned Tax Firm That Grossed $1.5M in Three Months to Offer Franchise Opportunities

Dr. Shawanda Moore aka “The Tax Docta” who is the founder and CEO of Royal Financial Services based in New Orleans, Louisiana has created a Tax Preparation curriculum for aspiring entrepreneurs that includes a textbook, a workbook, and hands-on teaching for her students. She made history last year after grossing $1.5 million in three months, and now she wants to help others to be able to do the same.

Her Tax Preparation curriculum is embedded into a course that is an 8-week program held twice weekly via Zoom during the late evening hours to accommodate interested ones who may still have day jobs. During the winter season so far, she has had over 30 individuals from across the United States enroll in her course.

Dr. Moore and her colleague, Shante Williams (C.A.O.), have worked diligently to ensure that every individual enrolled in the program became knowledgeable on Taxation. They hosted a completion ceremony for those individuals who wanted to participate to ensure a habit of celebrating every milestone they accomplish is developed. Dr. Moore also assisted every individual who successfully completed the program with the opportunity to start up their very own tax business by providing them with copies of her tax software.

Dr. Moore received great feedback from each participant of the program as they ensured her that the knowledge gained through her program exceeded their expectations. One participant, Ms. Kandy Hall, was in tears at the graduation as she thanked “The Tax Docta” and her staff for educating her, empowering her, and motivating her to step out on faith to move forward with starting her very own tax company.

Other participants of the program were very appreciative of the warm and welcoming personality of the “The Tax Docta” and Ms. Williams and believe they made a wise choice by enrolling in the program. Furthermore, Dr. Moore will be offering this program twice a year and welcomes all interested individuals to contact her company for more details.

Dr. Moore has been credited with many accomplishments which includes being an author of children’s financial literacy books, tax preparation books, a tax software provider, a business growth coach, a speaker on several topics, and a community service host of several annual outreach events. Dr. Moore is also a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Dr. Moore will began offering franchise opportunities for Royal Financial Services in May 2023. For more information on how to become a franchisee, visit or contact 833-769-2549 ext. 700 or send an email to

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