Founder of Gamer Fit Nation Talks Fitness and Gaming

Founder of Gamer Fit Nation Talks Fitness and Gaming

In recent years, video game consumers have seen the emergence of health-conscious gaming. With video game consoles such as Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 a hot commodity in homes across the nation, it’s no surprise games that encourage users to move have become a popular pastime. But where can these users connect in real time, beyond the game’s interface?

That’s where Antwand Pearman, founder, president and editor in chief at Gamer Fit Nation, comes in. Pearman has created a hub where gamers can link up and discuss ways to game and stay healthy. Gamer Fit Nation offers gaming enthusiasts a support system to exchange activity listings, recipe suggestions and success stories, among other things. caught up with Pearman, most commonly known online as “BlackBible,” about being a black gamer, slimming down, one click at a time and what he’s working on next.

What inspired you to merge your love of being healthy with the world of gaming–which is not always popular and often criticized?

Antwand Pearman: Basically, I saw a trend that wasn’t really being nurtured. A lot of true gamers go to the gym, but had nowhere to talk about their love with other gamers. I knew a lot about healthy alternatives and wanted to create a place where gamers could come and talk about these issues without being judged.

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