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Fox News Contributor Angrily Refers To Harvard President As ‘Black Woman In Power’ In Rant Over Anti-Semitism Discussion

Dr. Gay's remarks on Capitol Hill caused conservative talking head Tammy Bruce to call her out of her name during the Fox News show.

During a segment on Fox’s The Faulkner Focus, hosted by Harris Faulkner, who is Black, conservative contributor Tammy Bruce, who is white, used her appearance to dismiss Harvard University’s President Dr. Claudine Gay by calling her “that Black women in power,” Mediate reports.

Dr. Gay, the Ivy League school’s first Black president, testified before the Republican-majority House Education Committee regarding antisemitism on college campuses on Dec. 5., which has seen an uptick since the Israeli-Hamas attacks began in October. The prominent leader has openly spoken out against the Hamas attacks as well as how they affect students. While on Capitol Hill, she was questioned by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), and Faulkner decided to play a part of the session, which Bruce responded to, saying Gay sounded like a robot.

“It is heartbreaking to see a woman in such a position of power abandon that power…But she’s talking about what the left has been telling us now for years: speech is violence,” Bruce said.

“We would be hearing something very different if it was people in robes, in Klan robes, shouting ‘Lynch certain people,’ using certain words. It would be inherently and deeply unacceptable. This is the epitome of it. And that Black woman in power, God help us, she has abandoned that power!”

Harvard has been under close watch ever since student groups issued a statement on the growing conflict in Israel, according to ABC 7 Chicago. It mentioned that Israeli policies are “entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,” which caused instant backlash and left Jewish students feeling scared and isolated.

During her opening remarks at the hearing, Gay acknowledged Harvard’s fight against antisemitism while allowing free speech. “During these difficult days, I have felt the bonds of our community strain,” Gay said. “In response, I’ve sought to confront hate while preserving free expression. This is difficult work. And I know that I have not always gotten it right.”

Social media users weren’t too surprised by Bruce’s remarks but were taken aback by her boldness in saying this in front of a Black woman.

“Harris has debased herself so much that Tammy had the audacity to say it [to] her face,” one user said. “I’m NOT even slightly offended or moved by this…..”

Another questioned if Harris was even present for the comment. “Would someone tell Harrison Faulkner that she’s Black.? Please!,” @squared_two posted.

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