Make a Valentine’s Day Baby, Get a Free Ikea Crib.

Victoria’s Secret, Hallmark, and Hershey chocolates, these are some of the brands one usually associates with Valentine’s Day.

The holiday is a huge day for some retail outfits, but it’s difficult for some brands to pull off a holiday related promotion that works. Ikea has no such problem this year.

The Swedish furniture brand is running a very unique promotion. Buy a crib today and if your baby is born on November 14, 2013 (exactly 9 months from today), the crib is free.  The ad has gone viral, and has been reposted on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social sites.

There is a limit of one crib per baby, and the coupon plus proof of birth must be provided. Ikea says if they run out of cribs, $99 gift cards will be issued but with the offer only available in Southern and Western Australia, it’s estimated fewer than 900 families are eligible.

Using humor in advertising is very tricky and if done incorrectly, it can backfire. This IKEA ad works because it’s universally funny, not offensive and straight to the point. This advertisement is true to the “smart, fun & hip” image Ikea has crafted.

Source: Adweek