From Pain To Purpose: Master P Talks Mental Health With Middle School Students

From Pain To Purpose: Master P Talks Mental Health With Middle School Students

Rapper and entrepreneur Master P has always used his personal trials and successes to influence younger generations.

From changing the landscape of music with No Limit Records to influencing those in his communities to understand the value of their dollar, idea,s and talents, Percy Miller has cemented himself as a leader in his hometown of New Orleans and beyond.

Recently, the father of nine spoke to students at Einstein Middle School in New Orleans about the importance of prioritizing and protecting their mental health in the midst of life’s dark times.

In May 2022, Miller’s daughter, Tytyana, died from an accidental fentanyl overdose after a long battle with depression and addiction—-a truth she explored with brother Romeo Miller on an episode of the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop. Fans of the rap mogul know the ongoing legal battle facing Corey Miller, commonly referred to as C-Murder, who is serving a life sentence connected to the 2002 slaying of 16-year-old Steven Thomas.

“I got a brother dead. I got a brother incarcerated. I changed my life because of accountability”, he told the students.

In the sea of young people, raised hands followed questions from Miller about how many of them had been affected by gun and/or drug-related deaths. “We are trying to save lives, change lives. So we have to get it out and communicate. Talk to a counselor, talk to a friend. We have to come together and stop being ashamed,” said Master P.

He went on to address his thoughts on the death of his daughter. “I just thought I would not outlive all my kids until I ended up having a funeral for my daughter. That’s how I knew mental illness and substance abuse is real. If you all sit in here and take it lightly, we lose.”

A focus on mental health requires a commitment to being transparent about the personal struggles everyone faces; it’s great to see leaders like Master P stepping up.