From Tech to Beauty, Black Entrepreneur Creates Skincare Line That Caters to Melanin-Rich Skin in Honor of Mother

Influencers of the social media generation have taken many issues into their own hands to create simple and beneficial products for people in search of beauty hacks and skincare solutions.

Former Google tech executive, Davlyn Mosley, created Namesake Skincare, a line of dermatologist-approved skincare essentials that cater to people of color, in honor of her mother, a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant.


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After spending a lot of time at her mother’s dermatology practice, Mosley was exposed to the ins and outs of skincare products and treatments.

“I started Namesake with a singular goal in mind: to create a skincare line specifically catered towards the care of melanin-rich skin,” Mosely stated on the Namesake website.

“It needed to be powerful enough to target the particular concerns of my own skin type, focusing on brightness, elasticity retention, and smoothness.”

“And it also needed to be gentle enough to work on my own ultra-reactive skin.”

“When I scoured the existing products on the market and was unable to find anything that covered those bases, I decided to create my own. I brought my dermatologist mom on as an advisor, and Namesake was born,” she added.

According to an interview with a source, Mosley appointed her mother as an advisor for Namesake Skincare to ensure quality was at the center of the brand.

“We spent almost two years perfecting the formula for the Daily Moisturizer and we started from scratch,” Mosley said.

“We made so many revisions which meant I was constantly FedExing samples from L.A. to D.C. so my mom could weigh in on everything from the ingredient list to the texture and scent. She was incredibly instrumental in making sure that we didn’t include ingredients that she’s seen her patients react negatively to.”

Dr. McKinley-Grant shared that working with her daughter has kept her up-to-date on various skincare trends, products, brands, and ingredients.

“Learning more about what works and doesn’t has been an interesting process as we developed the formulation.”

Mosley revealed upcoming partnerships with creators and brands, in addition to new social media content.

Namesake Skincare is approaching its first year since launching.