Gabrielle Union Reveals Her Anxiety ‘Shrinks’ Her Life After 30 Year Battle With PTSD

Gabrielle Union Reveals Her Anxiety ‘Shrinks’ Her Life After 30 Year Battle With PTSD

Gabrielle Union delivered powerful reminders to those living with anxiety as she courageously opened up about her ongoing 30-year battle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a rape survivor.

On Wednesday, the actress shared a thought-provoking video on Instagram that illustrates her anxiety triggers while attending the annual star-studded Met Ball. She is seen posing for a crowd of flashing camera lights before her husband and retired NBA player, Dwayne Wade, joins her.

In the caption, Union offers some of her personal struggles as a testament to her encouraging words. According to Page Six, the 49-year-old wife and mother was diagnosed with PTSD at 19 after being raped at gunpoint.

“Living with anxiety and panic attacks all these years has never been easy,” Union wrote. “There’s times the anxiety is so bad it shrinks my life. Leaving the house or making a left hand turn at an uncontrolled light can fill me with terror.”


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“Anxiety can turn my anticipation about a party or fun event I’ve been excited about attending (Met Ball) into pure agony,” she continued.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can look different on everybody, according to Union. She isn’t seeking anyone to “fix” her but urges, “when we tell y’all what we are experiencing, please believe us the 1st time we mention it.”

“I share this as I hope everyone living with anxiety knows they aren’t alone or “being extra.” I see you, I FEEL you and there is so much love for you,” Union wrote.

The Bring It On star and best-selling author spoke candidly about her sexual assault in her memoir: We’re Going to Need More Wine.

“Acknowledging you’re in pain is the first step, and then seeking help,” she wrote in the 2017 book, per Page Six. “The online community is full of people going through the exact same thing you are.”