Gain An Understanding Of American Sign Language For $34.99 With Every Friday Is Black Friday

While the most useful benefit of knowing American Sign Language (ASL) is the ability to communicate with those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, there are a number of other positives that also come with mastering the form of communication.

According to Science Daily, researchers uncovered that knowledge of sign language can also assist with peripheral vision. Nearly 80 million people worldwide use sign language as a form of communication. The numbers continue to grow.

Whether you’re looking to communicate better with a loved one or a friend who is deaf or hard-of-hearing or if you’d like to learn American Sign Language for other reasons, The All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle provides a strong foundation.

With the Every Friday is Black Friday deal, you can purchase this 13-course bundle for $34.99. That’s a savings of 94% from its MSRP ($618).

The American Sign Language: Beginner course covers a range of topics for those new to ASL. This 4.6-star rated course not only teaches the basics of the ASL alphabet, colors and animals, but it dives into the origins of the language and deaf history. There’s an accompanying beginner’s course for businesses looking to implement and adopt the technology.

The ASL: Action Verb Sentences course instructs students how to properly sign complete sentences using finger-spelled names, the five adverbs of frequency, and the 21 action verbs. It spans 47 lectures and is rated 4.9 stars.

More advanced courses include ASL: “How Are You? + 30 Emotions, which equips students with confidence and understanding by teaching a larger vocabulary along with personal pronouns. Students have rated this course 4.7 stars.

More than 20,000 people are enrolled in these courses.

“I work in a hospital with deaf patients and now I feel more comfortable. I can understand and communicate better and not only through a translator. I learned about the history of deaf education, how to finger spell properly and how to make sentences to communicate. Excellent,” writes 5-star reviewer Lisa Lorelli.

This educational bundle is just what you need to begin your quest to understand and use American Sign Language. Purchase it today while the Every Friday is Black Friday deal remains available.

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