Gen Y Capital Partners Wants to Help You Start a Business, Despite Student Loan Debt - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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Young entrepreneurs are the future of an American economy in dire need of recovery. But how can enterprising young people make their business dreams come true when they’re saddled with record amounts of student loan debt? Scott D. Gerber, founder and president of the Young Entrepreneur Council and Gen Y Capital Partners, just might have the solution to this problem.

By pairing young entrepreneurs (those age 35 and under) who have a viable business with mentors, capital, housing, and student loan reimbursement through Gen Y Capital Partners (a $10 million fund), Gerber thinks he can unleash a generation of entrepreneurs. BE Next spoke with Gerber to learn about Gen Y Capital Partners and the “patriotic duty” of  Americans to encourage and enable young entrepreneurs.

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