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The Associated Press Releases Updated Standards For AI Usage In Newsrooms

The Associated Press has a new style tip as it now includes guidelines for “Generative AI” in its updated writing standards for journalists. The rise of AI-generated content, including ChatGPT, has led the platform to release new regulations on its multimedia usage, including audio and video.

AP announced the news on the technological inclusion via its blog and social media pages, as it has expanded upon its artificial intelligence chapter for 2023 in its widely used stylebook. Through this announcement, they assured journalists they cannot be replicated with the new tool.

“We do not see AI as a replacement of journalists in any way,” shared Amanda Barrett, its vice president for Standards and Inclusion. “It is the responsibility of AP journalists to be accountable for the accuracy and fairness of the information we share.”

The rest of the guidelines state how and when AI platforms like ChatGPT can be utilized while drafting articles. However, it explicitly stated that AP writers are prohibited from using the tool to curate “publishable” content. Despite this, writers are allowed to explore, “with caution,” ChatGPT’s abilities given their licensing agreement with its parent company, OpenAI.

ChatGPT must be monitored as it is beginning to be used in more professional capacities, as AP still does not consider its “outputs” as confirmed sources. However, a major concern within and beyond the journalistic field is the spread of artificially-generated or altered images. Many online platforms, mainly social media websites such as X, have had to make disclaimers whenever a popular image is revealed to have been digitally manufactured.

While the public and AP are still uncovering the full capacity of generative AI, the included guidelines imply the growth of its influence in all media spheres.

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