Disgraced Congressman George Santos Wants To Force A Vote To Expel Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Disgraced Congressman George Santos Wants To Force A Vote To Expel Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Santos wants Bowman ousted over the latter's fire alarm pull.

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is facing the first likely expulsion from Congress in 20 years and he wants company.

The disgrace politician wants to force a vote that can expel fellow New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman from Congress, Business Insider reports. During a Nov. 30 press conference, Santos said his idea is all about “consistency” as Bowman, a Democrat, took a plea deal after pulling a fire alarm on Capital Hill.

Santos predicted that if a Republican did the same, they would be “charged with obstructing a congressional hearing.”

“He took a plea deal for pulling a fire alarm, a fire alarm which obstructed and delayed an official hearing and proceeding on the House floor,” Santos said. “That’s why, today at noon, I’m going to be introducing a privileged motion for expulsion of convicted and guilty-pleaded Congressman Jamaal Bowman.”

The fire alarm was pulled in September 2023 while House members were prepping to vote on a bill that would prevent a potential government shutdown. Bowman insisted it was an accident and that he was confused by the signage, mistaking it for an emergency exit. Critics and other elected officials felt he knew better. He later pleaded guilty and paid a $1,000 fine.

The outspoken Congressman, also from New York, caught wind of Santos’ plan, calling it a “meaningless stunt” in a statement. “No one in Congress, or anywhere in America, takes soon-to-be former Congressman George Santos seriously,” Bowman said. “This is just another meaningless stunt in his long history of cons, antics, and outright fraud.”

Santos may lose his elected seat after his scathing House Ethics committee report housed some troubling finds. The Ethics Committee found “substantial evidence” that Santos used campaign funds for personal reasons, according to CNN. They also said he willingly engaged in violations and concluded that Santos “sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit.”

After the report was released, Santos announced that he would not run re-election.

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