Georgia High School Student Allegedly Breaks Teacher’s Leg During Classroom Confrontation

Georgia High School Student Allegedly Breaks Teacher’s Leg During Classroom Confrontation

After footage circulated on social media showing a high school student fighting her teacher, an investigation in underway, and the teenager is facing criminal charges.

According to WSB-TV, the confrontation happened between a ninth grader and her teacher inside a classroom at Heritage High School on Jan. 27.

The viral video showed the argument that escalated into the teen attacking her teacher. The teen is seen approaching the teacher shouting and cursing as she continuously told her she isn’t going to talk to her in any kind of way. The teacher responded, demanding the student to back out of her face.

As the teacher attempted to call for assistance, the female student knocked the cell phone out of her hands.

The teacher walked outside of the classroom and the student followed, trying to slam the door closed behind her, but the teacher turned around and blocked the door before it shut.

While she tried to hold the triggered student back, the teen started kicking and becoming physical, warning that she can start “swinging” at any moment.

Another teacher from across the hall came to try to de-escalate the situation, but it took a turn for the worse as the teen did exactly what she said she would do: start swinging. Shortly into the scuffle, both the student and teacher fell to the ground in the school’s hallway before they are finally separated.

“She’s a pretty good teacher, but how she talks, she talks with aggression,” said a student who witnessed the fight. “How she talks to kids is not a proper way to talk to them.”

Classmates said the student was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center following the incident.

According to Rockdale County School District officials, the student has been suspended from school, and confirmed she will be facing criminal charges.

A statement was released by the school system addressing the incident.

“Rockdale County Public Schools is investigating an incident where a student allegedly attacked a teacher during class today. RCPS does not tolerate student violence towards any staff members. Students who harm other students or staff will be disciplined according to our Student Discipline Code of Conduct and will be appropriately charged by law enforcement. We will adhere to personnel and student privacy laws in this matter,” the statement read.